100 Years Ago, 1906


The oldest veteran of the Civil War living in New England or elsewhere is said to be William Welch of Mount Sunapee, N. H., 106 years old. Mr. Welch enlisted in the 14th New Hampshire regiment in August, 1862, at the age of sixty-two years, serving through the war and being discharged at Savannah, Ga., in July, 1865. He is especially honored by the commander of the Grand Army, and to him is given the signal privilege of being a member of two posts, the Major Jarvis post of Clarement and Lincoln post of Charlestown, N.H., of which latter organization he is an honorary member.

50 Years Ago, 1956

-Barker’s cries mingled with Merry-Go-Round music yesterday as the Auburn Exchange Club opened its annual County Fair at Pettingill Park. The greased pig scrambled, cowboy music and the rides and bright booths of the midway attracted nearly 5,000 persons.

-Colorful parades and solemn memorial services were held yesterday in Lewiston-Auburn as the two cities paid honor to their war dead. An estimated 10,000 persons, including hundreds of wide-eyed youngsters, lined the parade routes in both communities. The annual Memorial Day activities were held in comfortable temperatures on a cloudy day.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Summer is about to come to Maine, and this week’s weather is a good reminder. Just as welcome was the news out of New York City that there will be no shortages of gasoline in the weeks and months ahead, and that prices are not likely to go up either.

The availability of gasoline is very important to Maine and its tourist industry. The fact that the gasoline will be at the pumps is encouraging. The price already is high, but the likelihood of not going higher is also good news.

Only a few years ago, the federal government assured that gasoline prices would not rise to $1 a gallon. They did. Today, the national retail price of gasoline is $1.36 a gallon.