100 Years Ago, 1906


Excellent delivery and a decidedly and graceful manner characterized all of the nine speakers in the E. L. H. S. prize speaking contest last evening. It was the annual contest when the classes strove to win the beautiful shield offered in 1898 to the class winning the contest for three consecutive years. The affair took place in Auburn Hall and although the weather was inclement, the galleries and floor space were filled. Over 500 people were in attendance.

To the class of 1907 was awarded the decision. This class won the laurels last year also, so that if successful in 1907, will be given the prize. Three of the classes were represented, the sophomores being the only class without speakers. The other classes had each three speakers.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Several hundred scarlet tanagers are visiting in the Twin Cities, according to reports from bird watchers.

They say the scarlet tanager, while common in other parts of the East, is quite rare in Maine. The birds can be identified easily by their brilliant markings. The adult male is bright scarlet with black wings and tail. The young and females are mostly olive or mottled green.

The scarlet tanager is a little smaller than a robin and is a bird of the woods and orchards rather than the open fields. It seldom is seen on the ground.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Many judges say “yes.” Some lawyers say “no.” But in many states the jury is still out on the question of cameras in court.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are having their first glimpse of justice in action – the real thing – and without leaving their living rooms.

Television and still cameras, once banned from courtrooms, are gradually gaining limited, although often reluctant, acceptance.

While filming in federal courts remains forbidden, 31 states have cleared the way for such coverage in at least some of their judicial proceedings.