100 Years Ago, 1906


WANTED – A wife of good habits, not over 45 years of age, who would appreciate a good home. Address E. S. B., care of box 414, Lisbon Falls, Me.

When the little advertisement appeared in The Sun a few days ago Dan Cupid got busy. His dart reached the heart of pretty Mary Fieber, a 23-year old mill operative. She answered the advertisement and by appointment met her betrothed. The confidential interview resulted satisfactorily to both and the wedding day and place were named.

The groom is a well known Lewiston man who lives on a farm a short distance out of this city. The bride has lived in Lewiston for years and has a large circle of acquaintances. Though 25 years her senior, Burgess believes the union will prove congenial to both. The bride is of the same opinion.

50 Years Ago, 1956

The Auburn Parking District has an agreement to purchase the Maine Hotel property at 133 Main St., Auburn, and is negotiating to lease land at North Main and Franklin Streets from the Franklin Co., to establish parking lots for approximately 100 motor vehicles.

The Maine Hotel is owned by Frank W. Libnell and W. R. Huston of Auburn and Richard Stiles of Oxford under the title of S.H.L.

Demolishing of the long one-story building at North Main and Franklin streets which has been used for storage and display purposes by Advance Auto Sales Inc. is under way, with the work being done by the Leavitt Wrecking Co.

25 Years Ago, 1981

At first it seemed to be just a motley collection of people coming from all directions into Lewiston’s Kennedy Park. Some were marching, some just walking together, others appearing one by one.

Slowly, the group became more organized, taking up a marching order. The color guards, drum majorettes, bands and fire trucks, along with the boy scouts and girl scouts, all gathered together Monday to do honor to American servicemen who fought for their country in past conflicts.