100 Years Ago, 1906


SABATTUS – Excitement caused by a large forest fire on the shores of Lake Sabattus which threatened cottages owned by Sabattus and Lewiston people was increased tonight at 9.45 o’clock by a fire call sounded at the engine room of No. 1½ woolen mill and by the church bells. The second blaze was in the weave room of No. 1 woolen mill and was extinguished by the automatic sprinklers. The loss from water may reach $100.

A big fire which started this morning in the woods caused considerable alarm among cottage owners and Sabattus people generally this afternoon when it appeared to be gaining great headway. Townspeople formed bucket brigades and went to the scene of the conflagration. Pails of water were carried from the lake to the fire line and every known means was employed to stop the flames from spreading. Before the fire was under control acres were burned over by the mad flames.

50 Years Ago, 1956

USS MT. MCKINLEY – America’s first air-dropped H-bomb, with at least 10 million tons of savage fury, burst above Bikini Atoll target island in the black predawn today. At precisely the scheduled instant of 5:51 a.m. – 12:51 p.m., Sunday, EST – a pinpoint of light pricked the darkness just above the horizon. Even through the almost opaque filter of high-density goggles, the swiftly growing, unearthly brilliance of the expanding fireball was dazzling. An observer, taking a cautious, quick glimpse over the rim of his goggles, quickly put them back on. Swelling swiftly, the fireball raced out to what seemed more than a three-mile diameter in a matter of seconds.

25 Years Ago, 1981

According to the manager of Hudson Bus Lines, which operates the cities service, total ridership last month was 54,613, down from 57,427 in April of last year. Total fare revenues for the month were $18,421.80, down from $20,182.65. Also, there were 24,873 full adult fares in April , compared to 28,773 in the same month last year.