100 Years Ago, 1906 


Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, chief chemist of the Agricultural department, is following up a line of scientific investigation of the effect upon perishable goods of cold storage for an unlimited time, and believes he will develop the fact that legislation limiting the period for which such articles as meats and milks may be stored, if needed.

The matter of how long perishable goods can be kept in good condition was referred to a cold storage man and he maintains that provided an even temperature is kept meats can be kept almost indefinitely but that natural trade conditions make a law unto themselves which prevents the keeping of goods in cold storage for a length of time likely to affect the food value.

50 Years Ago, 1956

When the Upper Gloucester Post Office official closed its doors Monday and consolidated with New Gloucester Post Office at Lower Corner, there came an end in its annals, of historical era.

Many citizens view its closing with regret, since there has been a Post Office at the Upper Corner since its establishment Feb. 4, 1829, only nine years after Maine became a state. This was the principal office in town for many years, even after others were established, all mail being handled here, before passing to the other offices.

25 Years Ago, 1981

While the 110th Maine Legislature considers mandating the use of child safety seats in automobiles, Maine hospitals are working with the State Department of Human Services to make such equipment available for the newly born.

The Farmington Memorial Hospital is the latest to receive the safety seats, with the DHS providing 68 for the hospital’s use. Parents of newborn babies get the seats on loan for the trip home. The program began after several newborns died in their mothers arm’s on the way home, because of a collision which caused the mother to crash into the dashboard.

Seven Maine hospitals are receiving 596 safety seats in this very commendable infant protection program.