100 Years Ago, 1906


The Aero Club of America, believing that ballooning is in danger of becoming reduced to cheap and claptrap methods for gaining notoriety, is to take steps that will hereafter permit the club to control all ascensions made by its members. Rules and regulations are to be adopted, and a club pilot employed who shall arrange a series of ascensions through the summer.

50 Years Ago, 1956

It’s nice to be recognized as the leader. It’s flattering to be imitated. Above all, it’s good to learn that others acknowledge that you’ve been right from the very start. From the start, Pepsi-Cola has offered you the finest quality in a two-glass 12-oz. bottle. That quality has made it the fastest-growing beverage in the world. Now comes the news that another well-known cola has just come out with a so-called “king-size” bottle, containing 12-oz., the same quantity as in the standard-size Pepsi bottle you have always known. We gratefully accept this compliment to our success. In return, now that bottle size is no longer a factor, we suggest you try both colas side by side – Pepsi-Cola and the newcomer’s bottle too. Please try them both and judge by taste.

Announcing Coke in big new King-Size. Brand new way to enjoy the quality of Coca-Cola…that real great taste, that famous quality in a handy new size for every occasion.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Japan’s willingness to reduce auto shipments to the United States will cost the American small-car buyer an extra $200 to $400 – not just for an import, but for a domestic make as well, government and industry experts predicted Friday. Japan agreed Friday to ship at least 140,000 fewer cars to the United States this year than it did in 1980, primarily to forestall growing demands in Congress for quotas to protect the ailing domestic auto companies. The Japanese sold 1.9 million cars in the United States last year, taking 21 percent of the total market.