100 Years Ago, 1906


The largest lobster ever caught on the coast of America was taken by a Belfast (Me.) fisherman in 1891. It weighed twenty-three pounds and measured thirty-seven inches from the end of its tail to the tip of the long front claws. The monster was too large to enter a common lobster trap, but as the trap was being drawn up it was caught in netting and safely landed. Many years ago a lobster weighing twenty-two pounds was captured near the same place, and the event was considered to be of enough importance to be given a place in Williamson’s “History of Belfast.”

50 Years Ago, 1956

Seniors graduating from Maine’s four major colleges this June face the best job prospects in history, according to a survey by the Portland Press Herald.

Placement directors at Bowdoin, Bates, Colby and the University of Maine estimate that representatives of some 400 business and industrial firms will conduct campus interviews in the coming weeks.

Starting pay ranges from $350 to $400 a month, with some scientific and technical positions offering even more.

Engineers and technicians are in greatest demand although tremendous increase in the call for liberal arts graduates also is reported.

25 Years Ago, 1981

In a few years, a person will be able to walk into a job service office, have their characteristics and background entered into a computer network and, in a short time, discover if there is any place in the country where they might find employment that matches their skills and personal needs.

Such is the prediction of Robert R. Saindon, manager of the Maine Job Services in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Beginning Monday, as part of “Lewiston-Auburn Area Employers Week,” the Maine Job Service will be holding an open house to show its facilities and explain the services they offer. One of these services is a new computer job-matching program that pairs job applicants with available work on a daily basis.