100 Years Ago, 1906


The whole thing is purely experimental. About 500,000 of the famous fish from the Pacific coast have been brought east and will be distributed in Maine waters. The time will not be far distant it is hoped by sportsmen when they will be able to hike off for a sea salmon fishing trip rather than for some of the fresh water salmon. The new variety of many edibles will make diversion for the real out and out fishermen.

Assistant Superintendent Gibbs of the United States fish hatchery at Orland, has completed arrangements with the Maine Central Railroad to transport the fry to the different places where it is to be put into the water. The first 250,000 will be put in the Kennebec and Androscoggin rivers on Wednesday and Thursday of next week and later on another 250,000 will be placed in the Penobscot river.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Monaco – its princess-to-be due to arrive within a few hours – was as busy today as a city preparing for a siege.

Both flags and rumor flew, wedding gifts piled up in the palace and squads of workmen and servants rushed to get everything ready for Grace Kelly’s festive entry into the principality tomorrow.

For a week thereafter, Monacans and the horde of visitors will be involved in an almost continuous round of gaiety. Monaco is certain to belie the name given it by the ancient Phoenicians – “Place of Rest.”

25 Years Ago, 1981

The delicious traditional Italian pastries “cannoli” are not usually available fresh north of Boston’s Italian North End, but they are being baked at Frank Chiaravelotti’s bakery on Bartlett Street in Lewiston. The crunchy fried pastry shell is filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and “secret flavorings.” It was “a tradition to have these things on holidays.” Chiaravelotti said.

The cannoli do take more work than the bread and rolls Chiaravelotti usually bakes for restaurants including Graziano’s, Luiggi’s and the Warehouse. He has seven children, and all but the two youngest work in the baking business.