100 Years Ago, 1906


The Lewiston Board of Trade last night voted unanimously in favor of the proposed car station in Haymarket Square and appointed a committee to urge the city fathers to make a satisfactory arrangement with the Lewiston, Brunswick and Bath Street Railway for the construction of the new station in the city’s highway because it will mean the relief of congestion at Lisbon and Main streets and incidentally improve the looks of the city and increase the value of real estate in the immediate vicinity.

50 Years Ago, 1956

A good year in home building has just been completed and another good year looms ahead. In spite of all the fuss and feathers over credit restrictions, more than a million new homes were built in 1955 and more than a million seems certain to be built in 1956.

Building plans of all kinds now on the drawing boards, and contracts already awarded have prompted the Departments of Commerce and Labor to estimate that 1956 construction expenditures will set a new all-time high, perhaps 44 billion dollars – a jump of 4 billion or so.

25 Years Ago, 1981

• The Brennan administration unveiled legislation Thursday to shut down 70 of Maine’s 71 state liquor stores and turn the retail trade over to the private sector. Only the state store at Kittery, which offers cut-rate prices to compete with those in neighboring New Hampshire, would remain open under Gov. Joseph E. Brennan’s bill.

• The test shuttle Columbia stood poised for flight Thursday on moon-launch pad 39A, an untried ship of the future ready to return Americans to space for the first time since 1975. “You go in the hand of God,” President Reagan told its pilots.