100 Years Ago, 1906


Considerable fault is being found with the sidewalks on upper College street. One resident of that section who has children attending school is very indignant over the situation. She says that her children cannot walk over the sidewalk without having their rubbers sucked off in the deep mud, and she does think that at least a bed of ashes might be put on the walk so that people could keep out of the mud. “The walk down as far as Bates College is something dreadful, and I certainly think the tax-payers of the city who have to traverse this daily are entitled to some consideration,” remarked a citizen yesterday.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Fighting blazed along the Egyptian-held Gaza strip of Palestine today on the eve of the new top-level U. N. effort for peace between Arabs and Israelis.

The Egyptian army reported late tonight that Israeli attacking forces killed 42 Arab citizens and wounded 103 in the day’s battles.

Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, the U. N. truce chief, asked both sides urgently to cease fire.

Burns set a midnight deadline for compliance.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Being a toll collector on the Maine Turnpike may not be the most exciting job in the world, but it has its moments.

Collectors at the York toll plaza still recall the New Hampshire-bound motorist who unwittingly abandoned his wife at a rest area 50 miles to the north.

Word of the woman’s plight, along with a description of the family car, was relayed in time to the toll booths. When the vehicle arrived, the collector asked the driver “Where’s your wife?”

“Right there in the back seat, under that blanket,” he replied, pointing behind him.

“Well, you better turn around and look under the blanket,” the toll collector said.

Startled to find out his wife wasn’t in the car, the driver turned around and headed north.