100 years ago, 1907


Lewiston is going to celebrate today. She’s got the goods to deliver, the disposition to deliver them and a ready market for them – for all roads lead Lewiston onward and the people will be here.

This isn’t the first Fourth of July celebration ever had – nay, nay, nit! She has had just a few before and knows how.

As she grows older her celebrations grow louder and, well, the band is already playing the park; and it’s almost time for the balloon to go up. Great Scott, the parade is forming and such a racket every where.

Baseball at South End Grounds, sports on the park, boxing in City Hall, band concerts every-little-while, fireworks in the evening and other features too numerous to mention.

50 years ago, 1957

AUGUSTA – State Selective Service headquarters today issues an August draft call of 51 men to conform with the nationwide call of 11,000 for Army service.

The state quota for the month is 43 men.

Another eight will be called to offset failures to report. Last month’s call was 50 men with a national quota of 13,000.

• Gov. Edmund S. Muskie today designated the month of July as “Maine Chicken-Que Month” and commended the state’s poultry industry for “great progress” over the past decade.

The observance will be held in conjunction with the Maine Broiler Festival at Belfast July 12-13, which is expected to be attended by some 15,000 persons.

25 years ago, 1982

Lewiston’s inclusion of beautification along with needed street reconstruction of College Street between Sabattus Street and Campus Avenue is appropriate.

Prior to the ravages of Dutch elm disease, College Street was one of the most attractive streets in the Twin Cities.

The mighty elms formed an arch overhead, making it a pleasant, shaded thoroughfare.

As the great trees fell before the onslaught of the disease, the appearance of the street deteriorated.