100 Years Ago, 1907


The building at 140 Canal street alley, occupied, by Edward Bernier on the ground floor as a baker shop and by Alphonse Dion and family on the upper tenement, was nearly destroyed by fire Monday afternoon.

It is thought that the fire started from the electric light wires running into the building. An alarm from box 53 was sounded at about 4.15 o’clock and when the department arrived smoke was pouring out of the building and it looked like a bad fire.

The building stood out from the other buildings and the fire was kept in it and did not spread.

50 Years Ago, 1957

• Bates College will kick off its four-day winter carnival weekend Thursday night with an ice show and the coronation of the carnival queen. Three full days of events are scheduled, which will include dances, snow sculptures, snow games, skiing, and even a softball game between faculty and students.

• President Eisenhower pressed Congress today for a $2,220,000,000 school aid program. He said it is needed to help states and cities meet a problem “unprecedented in its sheer magnitude.” Eisenhower sent a special message to Capitol Hill urging the legislators to “act quickly,” because schools are bulging now with 2¼ million excess pupils and six million more are expected to enroll in the next five years.

25 Years ago, 1982

AUGUSTA – News organizations are asking the manager of a cold-storage warehouse to say cheese, but Frank Wagner is saying no, please.

Wagner manages North East Cold Storage Corp., in Portland, where 154,920 pounds – more than 77 tons – of federal surplus processed cheese is stored.

He awaits a mailgram that will release it to Maine’s needy.

The cheese results from President Reagan’s directive on Dec. 22 allowing the U.S. Department of agriculture to give the stuff away to the states, since the feds have about 250 million pounds of it, in addition to 263 million pounds of regular “hard” cheddar cheese.