1970s’ Christmas serial sought


DEAR SUN SPOTS: In 1970, ’71 or ’72, just before Christmas, the Saturday edition of the Journal ran a several weeks’ long children’s story about a mouse (I think) named Juniper Per Per. Each week I read the story to my then-3-year-old son, who was totally captivated. He is now 45, and I would like to obtain a copy of the story to give to him. Can you help? — Steve Marsden, [email protected]

ANSWER: Those editions of the Evening Journal are available at the Google archive, http://tinyurl.com/2v2uu7x. If you go to that website and scroll over to the 1970s you can check out the December issues. Unfortunately, the archives are not complete. Sun Spots checked a couple of sample editions, but didn’t find anything.

If you don’t have any luck online either, you could try the microfiche at the Lewiston Public Library and see if they can help. The advantage to the microfiche is that if you find them you easily print a copy, which is not so easy from the google archive.

Sun Spots addressed that difficulty in a previous column: http://tinyurl.com/3ufnme3, “Google archive printing possible, not easy.”

Also, you said Journal, so I assumed you meant the Evening Journal. If it was the Daily Sun, the link is http://tinyurl.com/334ehgd

Finally, some older readers may remember more details about that story that will make it easier to search for online.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why is it that when there is an automobile accident the media reports the person’s age and gender? Some think that these types of descriptions are profiling people, such as instantly thinking that if the person is 65-plus or under 22, then it must be that age is the reason for the accident and thinking they shouldn’t be driving.

Or if it is a woman, it adds to that image of “women drivers” that we all joke about. Or a young man gets the stigma of being reckless. There are good and bad drivers of all ages. Does a person have the right to not have their age published? How can we get the media to stop this profile reporting? — No Name via email

ANSWER: Information about a person involved in an accident or other event is provided for identification purposes, not profiling. This information includes full name, with middle initial if available, town of residence, age and sex.

If, for example, you read about an accident involving Pat Williams, how would you know which of several Pats, male and female, that might mean? Name alone would not give you any way of knowing who the person involved in the accident is.

Sun Spots also notes that you listed a stereotype for every group except middle-aged men. While it is true that a higher percentage of seniors and teens are involved in accidents, Sun Spots knows a few middle-aged men whose driving skills are not stellar and who have caused accidents.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Recently you gave an email address to order presidential coins from the U.S. Mint. I cut it out, but in the Christmas rush I have misplaced it. Please print it again. Thank you for your very helpful column. — Fran Sawtelle, [email protected]

ANSWER: you can now buy the coins directly at www.usmint.gov (exact site: http://tinyurl.com/2eesc2). Customer service phone number is 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). There is a shipping and handling fee.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the reader looking for undies sold by waist size, Vermont Country Store (www.vermontcountrystore.com; 1-888-298-8162) sells Munsingwear by waist size. — Clara Dumas, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots checked. Clara is quite right.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to make a project. I need hankies with lace around them. If anyone can make them or has any, call me. I will pay. — G. Nadeau, Lewiston, 783-7536

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