2006 holiday bizarre with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


After finally getting tickets, I slowly counted down the days until the show. Once the time had come, I will tell you that the bands did not disappoint me. The Station held the concert, which is a small intimate venue in Portland. I have been to quite a few concerts, some in small venues and some in extremely large arenas, but there is nothing like seeing one of your favorite bands in a small club like this.

I had a perfect view the entire night and I was close to the stage as you could get. Literally. I was leaning against guitar player’s amp, in the mosh pit. You cannot truly experience a concert unless you are where all the action is. Yes, you get pushed around a bit but there is no other feeling like it. Four bands played in total at the show. I would have to say that Madina Lake, a band that is quite unknown, got the most crowd attention. No other band could top the energy they had.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Audition kept me entertained the entire night as well as Moros Eros, a band that I had never heard of before. The Audition was my personal favorite during the night. After four hours of jumping around at the show, my feet ached like crazy, I was soaked with water thrown on us by security guards, and could barely hear out of my ears. Many people would say that it sounds like the worst experience of their life. I cannot wait for the next one.