A $4 billion question


In the face of the dramatic weather in half the country, with swaths of tornadoes and flooding, we are still failing to connect the dots. In one breath, the mainstream news reports gasp at the destruction and then express astonishment at high gas prices. From where I sit, it is all made of a single cloth.

Welcome to climate change, in which vehicle emissions have a starring role.

Why so many in this country are still denying its reality is truly striking. It is possible that many people avoid or deny this reality because they fear the policies that will follow. Or perhaps they fear change or the unknown. Maybe they buy the lie that any solutions to climate change are bound to destroy the economy and diminish their lives.

I would like to know where Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins stand on John Boehner’s recent idea. He suggested cutting the $4 billion subsidy currently in place for the oil industry. President Barack Obama agreed and said the funds should go instead to sustainable energy projects that would, incidentally, create jobs.

Do Collins and Snowe agree? How would they like that $4 billion spent?

How would the public?

Eileen Kreutz, Industry