My 8th grade year


Wow, how the year has gone by, eighth grade seems like a blur… It seems like only yesterday, we were getting ready for the first day of school. Now with just weeks left, my middle school years will have come to an end.

From the time I started here at the middle school, I have had some great memories. I was a little scared at first, going from one school to another (H.L.C. to M.M.S.) that I had adjusted just fine. I have had the opportunity to be in several activities, from Yearbook staff to Civil Rights Team and to write for Academic Advocate. I have enjoyed doing these things, especially with the friends that I had made here. I hope to transfer these activities through my high school years. I have also done soccer for two years and have enjoyed it as well. It was great having a team that worked well together and having a coach that made things fun. We also had other activities/trips that will leave me with memories. Like when we had dances, the boys would be on one side and the girls on the other. Most of the time we would just talk, or at least try to. It was just a fun time to hang around with your friends.

Other things that we have done, was that every year we would have our community service day. In the fall, we would either walk or take the bus to areas around our town. We would clean up, like raking leaves and picking up branches, sweeping the dirt etc… This was one way of helping our community, it was a great day had by all. Not only did we do a great deed by helping those in need, but it was a day off from school too.

We all have had some sort of memories over the years, some good and of course some bad times. I guess that’s part of life. As I end this school year, I hope to have many more memories to come when I enter into another school- high school, as a freshman.