Abandoning the sinking ship


It appears that some members of Congress have finally come to their senses and are not seeking re-election. They no longer want to be part of the biggest freak show in the history of our government. It is obvious that members of both parties cannot stand each other’s company, much less try to reach workable compromises on important issues that are deemed necessary to survive the challenges facing America while maintaining its safety.

I am positive that members who are calling it quits will be accused of being a bunch of rats, abandoning a sinking ship. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, and very much justified.

Many Americans have, literally, lost faith and trust in the government. All the pre-election promises that were made by the president are holding a firm position at the bottom of the priority list.

The president has difficulties dealing with reality. That has become a problem issue for the future of America.

Obama’s health summit on Feb. 25 was a failure. It continues to look hopeless for a bipartisan compromise on the health care reform issue. Republicans are urging Democrats to start all over again — a strategy normally used by Republicans to postpone the agony.

If Medicare is adversely affected by the bill, senior citizens will suffer.


Robert P. LaCombe, Sabattus