Abbie Blauvelt: Why I relay


I relay because I know a lot of people who have had cancer.  My grandfather had colon cancer.  He is a survivor.  I’m very happy because I love my grandfather very much.  He has taken me to the Red Sox, Florida, and I love going camping with him. 

I also lost a friend named Maddie who had Leukemia. I met Maddie at Camp Sunshine, which is a camp for children with life threatening diseases.  I also went to Camp Rainbow with her; she was a good friend and I miss her. 

My great-grandpa Dewey had bone cancer and died a few years ago.  I loved him a lot.  I used to walk to his house almost every day to visit him with my cousin Sam.  Once, he brought me and Sam to D.E.W.s Wild Animal Kingdom.  After that we went to Dutch Treat. 

I never got to meet my other great-grandfather because he died of lung cancer before I was born.  I really wish that I could have met him. 

My great-grandmother has only one kidney because she had to get her other one taken out.  She had cancer in one kidney.  Her husband, my great-grandfather, had prostate cancer.  Luckily they both survived. 

My great-uncle also has prostate cancer.  He is having surgery tomorrow morning. 

My great uncle Wayne died of leukemia. 

The last reason why I relay is because I had Leukemia.  I have a Relay For Life team named Abbie’s Avengers made up of family and friends who love me very much and want to find a cure for cancer.  One of the fundraisers that I am doing is selling note cards that I designed with all proceeds going to Relay For Life.  This is why I relay and I am proud that I do.