Abortion’s scarring


What are abortions doing to women? We recently watched a program concerning the topic of post-abortive women. For every abortion, there was a painful story. The women turned their emotional pain inward. Some became promiscuous, others used drugs and abused alcohol, while others had multiple abortions.

Some also experienced deep depression. Some were ashamed and didn’t want to be recognized. They were all post-abortive women, telling their stories.

Also on the program was Dr. Patricia Burke, founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, an organization that helps post-abortive women cope with their abortions. A moderator asked questions of the women, and also witnessed a session, observing much grief because the women had difficulty coping with what they had done to their babies.

It was our observation that abortion not only kills a baby, but it also deeply hurts the women, who carry the emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

It is interesting that, in Maine, a 16-year-old girl has to have parental consent to get her ears pierced, but can have an abortion without a parent’s consent.

Charles and Diane Doyon, Lewiston