Actions speak louder than words


Lewiston continues to be fortunate to have Elaine Makas looking out for its best interests. Makas succeeded in preventing Casella Waste from dumping hundreds of tons of toxic waste into its landfill; sponsored successful state legislation to improve standards for the Androscoggin River; and won the bid to hold the Maine Democratic Party convention in Lewiston in May 2010 — an economic boon to area hotels, restaurants and shops.

As chairman of the Androscoggin County Safety Committee, she oversaw the purchase of two Tasers for the jail, thereby reducing the likelihood of injuries to jail personnel. In addition, her recommendations have reduced the number of Workers’ Compensation claims overall.

At the County Commission meetings, I have seen her fight steadfastly for Lewiston and the county employees. It’s a tough job and now is not the time to bring in an untested individual for on-the-job training.

Remember: Actions speak louder than words.

Mary Roussel, Auburn