Adopt a cat in June


AUBURN – Seventy percent of the cats that end up in shelters across the country have to be euthanized because they are unable to be placed in loving homes. To combat this, the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society is teaming up with the American Humane Association for Adopt-A-Cat Month in June to urge communities to celebrate by visiting the Humane Society where dozens of cats and kittens are waiting for homes.

“While cats are available for adoption anytime of the year, June is always the busiest month in terms of the number of cats and kittens that arrive at shelters,” said Allyson Collins, senior animal technician. “And all they are looking for is a loving home.”

Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month is a national effort to help animal shelters like the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society find homes for the numerous cats that inundate shelters each summer.

The event encourages potential adopters to visit their local animal welfare organization when looking for a pet and let themselves be adopted by one of the loving cats awaiting a person of their own.

According to the American Humane Association, there are a number of things families should consider when choosing to adopt a cat:

Age: While the playful antics of kittens are hard to resist, adult cats are often better suited to families with young children. Mature cats respond better to the clumsy handling of inquisitive toddlers. The ultimate choice when considering the best age of a feline is whether the household is ready for a grown-up cat that can turn on occasional playfulness, or the constant playfulness (with regular naps) that kittens are known for.

Number: Those thinking about adding another cat to the feline fold should consider the facts about a multi-cat household, including feeding, multiple litter boxes and whether the cats will get along. The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society can give tips on how to introduce a new cat or kitten to a family of pets.

Personality: Many cats are under stress in the shelter environment. A cat’s true personality may not come out until he has been in his new home for several weeks. The Humane Society encourages people to visit the cat several times and read any information available from a previous owner. Generally, kittens should be active and enjoy being handled. Shy cats are best suited to quite households.

Coat: Those adopting should decide if they want a long-, medium- or short-haired cat. The longer the coat, the more brushing that is needed to prevent painful matting.

Nutrition and health: A veterinarian should examine a cat at least once a year. Good nutrition and regular vet visits keep cats healthy. Keeping a cat indoors prevents her from getting into accidents or fights with other cats.

The Humane Society will celebrate Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month by hosting a number of events throughout the month:

Tuesday through Saturday, May 30 to June 3, will be “Take a Tiger Home” Week: Adopt an adult tiger cat or kitten and take home a special adoption pack created just for them.

On Monday through Saturday, June 5 to 10, there will be a “Color for the Critters” coloring contest. Color a picture available at the Humane Society and win prizes. The contest is available to children ages 3 to 6 and 7 to 10. A bottle drive will be held at the shelter throughout the week to raise money for the enrichment program.

Monday through Saturday, June 12 to 17 will be “Litter Luau.” Visit the shelter with a donation of clay cat litter and have a summertime tropical treat.

“Kitten Kraze” will offer special adoption package for those who adopt kittens.

Monday through Saturday, June 26 to July 1, will be “Senior Cat Week.” They may be over the hill, but they still have the rest of their lives to live out.

A bake sale will be held Saturday, July 1.

Everyone is invited to stop by the shelter and visit the animals. The society is located at 3312 Hotel Road. If interested in learning more about what kinds of donations the shelter needs, volunteering or adopting an animal, call 783-2311 or visit the Web at