Adult Basketball results


Auburn Rec. Department

AUBURN —   Sunday, Dec. 23 men’s league results from the Auburn Rec. Department.

A League

Ross Hogs 82, The Crew 41

Travis Barnies dropped 14 points to lead the Ross Hogs to the 82-41 victory. Dave Brown had a game high 16 points for The Crew.

Shooters 90, Frigid Heat 55

Justin Perron led all scorers with 32 points for the Shooters and Cody Goddard had 19 for Frigid Heat.

TJ’s Place 83, KC Auto 57

Shane Ciriello chipped in with 22 points in TJ’s Place 83-57 victory over KC Auto. James Whirley had 21 for KC Auto.

Lewiston Pawn Shop 78, Irish Twins Pub 50

Jon Cadman’s 33 points paced Lewiston Pawn Shop to the 78-50 victory. Dominic Bailey chipped in with 16 points for Irish Twins Pub.

Slowdown B

P-G Insomniacs 51, Pontes Marine 44

Scott Corriveau 19 points led P-G Insomniacs and Jordan Larke scored half of Pontes Marine’s points.

Benchwarmers 50, Rack-Em-Up 45

Heath Crocker led all scorers with 14 points to lead the Benchwarmers to the 50-45 victory. Jake Varney had 11 points for Rack-Em-Up.

P-G Insomniacs 46, Gippers/Maine Family 45

Scott Corriveauhad 31 points for P-G Insomniacs in the victory over Gippers/Maine Family. Travys Fecteau had 16 in the losing cause.