Adult rec. basketball


Auburn Rec.

AUBURN —   Thursday, Jan. 3 and Friday, Jan. 4 results.

Slow Down B

Pontes Marine 49 P-G Insomniacs 40

Justin Richardson had a game-high 20 points to lead Pontes Marine to the 49-40 victory. Randy Poulin had 14 points in the losing effort.

Benchwarmers 57, Gippers/Maine Family 30

Derek Haskell’s 18 points led the charge in the Benchwarmers 57-30 victory over Gippers/Maine Family. Travis Fecteau dropped in 12 points for Gippers/Maine Family.

Women’s League

North American 56, Hoop Camp 13

Ashley Swett 13 points led the North Americans to the 56-13 win over Hoop Camp. Kelly Philbrook had three points for Hoop Camp.

Team Madore 42, Pediatric Associates 27

Team Madore leading scorer was Pauline Violette who had 12 points. Lynne Wheeler dropped in ten points in the losing cause.

Center Street Dental 58, Team H-F 21

Katie Morrell’s 17 points paced Center Street Dental to the 58-21 win. Team H-F’s leading scorer was Chey Mercier who had 12 points.

Dec. 28-30 results

Slow Down A

Rick’s Pool’s 49, Lewiston Pawn Shop 44

Brooks Beaudoin’s 11 points led to Rick’s Pool’s five point victory over Lewiston Pawn. Matt Lachapelle chipped in with 18 points in the loss.

Shooters 66, Pike Industries 58

Justin Perron led all scorers with 20 points as the Shooters went onto the 66-58 win. Josh Knowles had 17 for Pike Industries.

Graphic Explosion 68, Discount Dave’s 63

Graphic Explosion got a 21 point effort from Scott Perry in the victory. Nate Jamo dropped 24 points to lead all scorers in the losing effort.

Frigid Heat 57, Crew 56

Cane Robinson dropped in 17 points in the victory and Rory Dupruis also had 17 points for Crew.

Shooters 82, Irish Twins Pub 43

Justin Perron poured in 34 points for the Shooters as they cruised to the 82-43 win. Dominic Bailey had 12 points for Irish Twin Pub 43.

KC Auto 67, Lewiston Pawn Shop 62

Josh Morin’s 24 points led KC Auto to the 67-62 victory over Lewiston Pawn. Mark Flavin had 22 points in the losing effort.

Ross Hogs 60, TJ’s Place 50

Travis Barnies led Ross Hogs with 16 points in the victory while Mike Wilkins had 15 points.

L/A Orphans 49, Brunswick Steel 40

Kolin Gauthier led the way for L/A Orphans with 15 points and Mark Stubbs pitched in for Brunswick Steel with 12 points.