Advertising at Black Mountain: We need your support!


This winter, Black Mountain is excited to offer a unique advertising opportunity. Promote your company name and your products/services to the skiers, snowboarders, tubers, and lodge goers of Black Mountain Ski Resort.

The last two seasons brought a significant increase in the number of individual skier visits at Black Mountain. Many of these new faces came from all over the state, particularly Southern Maine, and some were even out-of-state visitors. With our numbers expected to continue to increase this season, we are inviting businesses to advertise throughout the lodge to capture both local and out-of-town/state customers.

With multiple monitors placed around the lodge, our visitors are sure to see your name, whether they are buying their tickets, eating lunch, or enjoying an end of the day beverage in the Last Run Pub. With multiple advertising levels and the prospect of reaching over 1,000 customers every weekend, this is a great addition to any advertising budget.


Seasonal Advertising: $150/ season. Begins on Opening Day in December, runs until Closing Day in April.

Monthly Advertising: $50/month. Full month (January, February, or March).


Vacation Week Advertising: $25/vacation week. Christmas Vacation (Dec. 20 – Jan. 4) OR February Vacation (Feb. 14 – Feb. 22).

December Advertising: $25/month. Begins Opening Day, runs until Jan. 1.

If you are interested in advertising your business at Black Mountain, please call us at 207-364-8977 or [email protected]