Affordable Eyes: Style and fit that fits your style


Stepping into Affordable Eyes on Center Street in Auburn is like going on a shopping trip with an old friend. Proprietor Bill Nadeau believes that it is very important that his customers feel comfortable with the process of purchasing eyeglasses and at Affordable Eyes they do.

Nadeau began his career in eye care more than 30 years ago as an optical technician. In 1995, Nadeau became a certified optician and became passionate about providing excellent customer service. Approximately four years ago he put his many talents to use at Affordable Eyes. Nadeau considers the purchase of eyeglasses to be similar to the purchase of a piece of jewelry. “This should be a fun experience,” he exclaimed with a smile, referring to his product as “face jewelry.”

The simple coziness of the Affordable Eyes showroom allows Nadeau to give friendly, honest and professional individual attention to each visitor. With more than 240 frame styles to choose from, he takes his time helping you find a style and fit that fits your style. From wire frames to plastic, black, brown, silver and gold to bursting with color and light, men, women, boys and girls will find something that looks great. Affordable Eyes has something for the entire family.

Born and raised in central Maine, Nadeau understands that “Mainers” want both friendly customer service and quality products that will stand the test of time and wear. Although frames are purchased from various distributors, all lenses are crafted on-site in accordance with each customer’s prescription. Single vision, lined and no-line bifocals are all available, as are sunglasses. Lenses can be tinted to any color you like, and new lenses can be cut to fit in a frame that you have purchased elsewhere, or even an old frame that you just don’t want to give up.

Perhaps the most striking difference between Affordable Eyes and other eyewear retailers is the price. Depending on the brand of frame that you choose, and your prescription, your new eyeglasses will cost anywhere from $59 to $159, with a second pair starting at just $40.

Affordable Eyes is located at 229 Center Street, near Sam’s, and is open every weekday from 9:30 until 6:00 and Saturday from 9:30 until 1:00, although they do close the third Saturday of every month. For more information, they can be reached by telephone at 333-6927.

Affordable Eyes stands behind its products and Nadeau’s goal is to make sure you will be completely satisfied with the way you look and the way you see. Your comfort, both after you receive your eyeglasses, as well as while you are choosing and fitting your “face jewelry,” is what makes Affordable Eyes a clearly good choice when the time comes to purchase eyewear.