Aho’s memo not coming back


AUBURN — Councilors don’t have a problem with City Manager Glenn Aho writing a weekly update for the public, just with what he writes.

Councilor Belinda Gerry said she wanted Aho’s weekly updates to cover council business from previous meetings.

“At least, we need to be able to discuss them first, before they get sent out,” Gerry said. “I don’t like the idea that these are treated as workshops, or that they take the place of workshops.”

Aho had written the weekly updates since he first came to the city in 2008 but stopped in March after councilors questioned them.

Aho said he wrote them over the weekend, emailing them to councilors on Sunday. They were emailed to the Sun Journal and the weekly Twin City Times on Monday nights and published in the weekly paper each Thursday.

Councilor Eric Samson said that most of the council’s problems had to be discussed privately with Aho and councilors in executive session, as part of his annual review. They tabled discussions during Monday’s workshop until after a scheduled closed-door executive session with Aho late that night to discuss his personnel evaluation.

After the executive session, Aho said councilors did not change their minds and the weekly reviews would not be resurrected.

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