Alistair Shaw


Alistair Shaw
1931 – 2010

LEWISTON — Alistair Shaw, 78, of Lewiston, passed away Friday, March 26, with his loving family by his side at Central Maine Medical Center.

He was born in Paisley, Scotland, Nov. 30, 1931, the son of Anne and Martin Shaw. He earned his master’s degree in accounting from the University of Edinburgh and went on to be a chartered accountant. 

He worked for several large corporations in Scotland and the United States. He was a lieutenent colonel in the Royal Navy and served in the Korean War. He was a member of the Masons in Scotland.

He played soccer for the Glasgow Rangers for a number of years. As a young man, he enjoyed playing the saxophone with several big bands in Paisley.

He had a great sense of humor and enjoyed playing games by his own rules. His favorite song was “Wee Chookie Birdie,” for which he forced his family to sing at holidays, special occasions and whenever he felt like it. He enjoyed delegating chores in exchange for your meal and watching his grandchildren pick up sticks in the yard. His tea and soup had to be piping hot, or he’d send it back. He was known for some of his character roles as “Wee Doogie,” “Archie Bunker,” Wee Glassy,” “Nicky Two-Times,” “Tommy Two-Shoes” and “Little Elvis.” He especially liked to have blue pencils in a red pencil box.

He is survived by Suellen, his adoring wife of 41 years; one son, Greg Daniel (who still owes him five bucks), his wife, Kathryn (with whom he enjoyed a great debate), and his three grandchildren, Monica, Danielle and English (who affectionately referred to him as “Strange Little Man)”; his daughter, Lori Sosnowski, her husband, Matthew and their three children; and his beloved daughter, Lisa Ann Shaw AKA (“Short Fuse,”) who resembled him in every way and her fiance, Harvey Moses Jr. AKA (“The Big Cheese.”)

He was predeceased by Heid the Ball McDermitt, Danny the Dribbler and Gumby the Goalie.

He will be dearly missed by his family and two dogs, Tuppence and Jewels and friends, especially his Irish pal Dornan Lucas. We can’t forget his loving cousins, Margaret, Christine and Bryson, whom he loved very much.

Here’s to you, Up and Down your Kilt! “It won’t be long till a wee while now.” It’s not often I’m right, but I’m wrong again” were favorite sayings of his.

This was written by his family as a tribute to the wonderful sense of humor of Alistair Shaw.