Alternative school


This is in response to the article (June 28) about the alternative school opening in Poland.

While reading about the opening of the Discovery Democratic School in Poland, I became increasingly perturbed. No core curriculum? No tests? No homework or grades?

Why send a child to school at all?

A child with an educational background such as that will not be prepared for a realistic future.

I do not see the difference between this “school” and allowing a child to sleep and/or play video games all day.

Hopefully, we will not be surprised when the children who attend those types of schools see no value in a college education, or expect a paycheck for not showing up at work, if they work at all.

While I realize that there are many different learning styles, I cannot help but wonder why anyone would think that providing children with little or no guidance, and disguising it as teaching them to be independent thinkers, will create responsible adults.

Carol A. Applebee, Sabattus