Andean music group visits Boxberry School


OXFORD – The musical group Inkas Wasi Peru visited the Boxberry School recently to play traditional Andean music for the students. The group is comprised of four band members, all from South America, with Sergio Espinoza as the leader.

Espinoza is a classically trained violinist who plays many types of Peruvian flutes, including sikus and quenas. He also plays the mandolin and the charango (a small guitarlike instrument). In 2003, Espinoza formed Inkas Wasi Peru, bringing together musicians from several countries in South America to perform the music indigenous of the Andes Mountains.

Inkas Wasi Peru performs all over the state at schools and fairs and presents educational workshops in history, culture, dance and music of the Andes. The group plays authentic instruments made out of wood, hooves and even armadillo shells and wears costumes hand-woven by Peruvian people.

While at Boxberry, Inkas Wasi Peru had the children singing, dancing and learning some simple phrases in their native Andean language.

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