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Do you have a toothache? In this economy, all too often patients are making hard decisions between restoring teeth in a normal conventional dental fashion or extracting them. This unfortunate decision is usually forced upon them by financial considerations.

Dr. Kippax at Androscoggin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons can help you with the extraction, but also can help you realize what other options are available for you. Every patient may have options among several different treatment plans before making the decision to take the final step of extraction, and Dr. Kippax is happy to advise you of these options. Many patients have fallen away from their dentists for routine care and then have toothaches that force them to find a dentist immediately. In situations like this, Dr. Kippax and his staff are available five days a week and every other Saturday for emergency care.

Androscoggin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, P.A. can also help you with routine wisdom tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth are not useful teeth and may cause problems for the existing dentition by wearing away bone on the back side of the neighboring teeth. Also, wisdom teeth may become decayed due to the difficulty of cleaning them, they may be badly misaligned or not functional or may develop pathology and infection around them. If the wisdom teeth do require removal, we can make the experience comfortable, in our office, with general anesthesia.

Many patients are involved in sports and we strongly recommend use of mouth guards for any type of contact sport. Mouth guards and helmets with chin bars can virtually eliminate most dental trauma injuries. Any tooth that has been traumatically fractured or knocked out has a very short time period in which treatment must be rendered.

Patients with knocked-out teeth must see the dentist within 90 minutes of the accident for reinsertion and fixation. After that time, the chances of successful reinsertion drop off dramatically. Frequently, these teeth will require subsequent root canal therapy and perhaps even restoration and crowns. Dr. Kippax can initially stabilize the tooth and then help you arrange the appropriate follow up with your general dentist. Dr. Kippax and staff are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for just such emergencies. Dr. Kippax also treats facial fractures and lacerations in his office as opposed to a potentially lengthy emergency room visit.

The Implant Center at Androscoggin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons uses the Nobel Biocare and Nobel Active and Bicon Implant Systems. These two brands of implants have wide variability in size and shape making them very versatile in the jaw no matter what your individual circumstances. If you are missing teeth, these two systems usually have a solution and dental implants can be placed. If you have any questions about implants, it’s very easy to arrange a free implant consultation by calling 1-800-400-4665. We can advise you as to whether or not implants are possible for you, what type is best, and how much they will cost. We can also arrange coordination with your general dentist for their part of your treatment plan.

For many people who have let their teeth go, sometimes the only answer is a full-mouth extraction. We know that this is a difficult decision to make and we can help you figure out if it is the right thing for you. We can then make sure the extractions are performed in a comfortable professional manner perhaps with general anesthesia. Following the healing period, we can help you coordinate with your dentist or denturist for fabrication of complete upper and complete lower dentures.

We strive to make this situation for patients comfortable and treat them with respect during the course of it. We understand patients’ concerns and questions.