Annual seed exchange happening Saturday


FARMINGTON — The second annual Franklin County seed and scion exchange, sponsored by the Farmington Grange and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners, will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 20, at the Farmington Grange Hall, Bridge Street, West Farmington.

It will take place in conjunction with the Saturday farmers market. Members of the grange will provide lunch items for sale and there will be information available about grafting fruit trees.

Anyone with a fruit tee who would like to know how to harvest scion wood may contact Dave Fuller at the extension in Farmington. It is the only way to preserve old varieties from extinction. During the seed and scion exchange, at 1 p.m., Fuller will teach about grafting.

Amy LeBlanc,”the Tomato Lady” of Whitehall Farm, Wilton, will provide information about dealing with late blight in gardens. Many gardeners lost tomatoes and potatoes due to late blight last year.

Those planning to bring scion wood should be reminded that it should be kept dormant by keeping it cold and moist until ready for grafting. This includes the ride to and from the exchange.

Anyone planning to bring seeds to share should label them clearly. Seeds can be leftover, surplus packets or saved heirloom seeds.

For more information, call Bonnie Clark at 778-6637.