No apartments here, please


Some residents living on Hayden Avenue in Norway are opposed to the building of apartments of any kind on this street. This street has been a community for years, and we are hesitant to have an apartment complex built. We take pride in our homes and keeping this street as community-minded and safe as possible. There are young children here who love to ride their bikes. An apartment complex, no matter how big, will bring more traffic, making it more difficult for children to enjoy riding their bikes.

Furthermore, this apartment complex will decrease the property value of all the homes on the street because not many people seeking a single family dwelling want to live right next door to an apartment complex. Where does Dennis Gray get off saying that this project should have no problem getting approved when the residents of Hayden Avenue have not yet been consulted?

Apartments should be built close to town, where schools, shopping, jobs, etc., are easily accessible. These types of structures should also be built next to other apartment complexes where the residential property values and communities will not be affected, and where the surrounding residents are more transient and less likely to remain there.

The majority of the people living on this street have lived here for many, many years and have no intention of moving soon. This has always been a nice, quiet neighborhood, and we would like to keep it that way.

Alan and Charity Johnson, Norway

Bernhard and Laurice Loef, Norway