Appraisal event set for Saturday will benefit Mechanic Falls Historical Society


MECHANIC FALLS — The Mechanic Falls Historical Society will host its second antique, heirloom and collectible roadside attraction from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 22, at Congregational Hall (formally The Congo Church), 64 Elm St.

Jody McMorrow will be on hand to check, inspect and appraise the worth of articles brought in by the public. The appraisal fee will be $5 each item with a three item limit per family. The event is a fundraising venture by the society, whose goal is to convert the former First Congregational Church building into a museum and community center.

At last year’s event, a wooden bowl that had been sitting atop a refrigerator at the Mechanic Falls Historical Society was appraised at $3,000. The bowl’s contents were immediately emptied into a plastic, less valuable container and whisked away to a more secure location, and not atop a refrigerator.

For information contact Eriks Petersons 345 -3134.