Approve budget referendum


One of the few benefits within the school consolidation law of several years ago was that school districts would require a budget validation vote by referendum. That was a plus for the taxpayers, but the educators and teachers unions were not happy. That bias tells me it’s good for taxpayers.

One of those changes is that voters have to approve the school budget referendum every three years to keep it in place. The first such up or down vote will happen this June, without fanfare or public information as to what we taxpayers would lose if such referendums are not approved.

These referendums have been a boon to the taxpayers, therefore the school district administrations do not like them. Gone are the budget validation meetings that saw the pro-budget people turn out in droves to intimidate the few taxpayers who dared to face the onslaught.

The referendum allows a final vote to be taken in the privacy of the voting booth, via absentee ballot, if one chooses, and allows the seniors to vote during the day when they feel comfortable driving to the polls.

The capping effect on school budgets caused several districts to take several votes in order get it passed, which helped the taxpayers.

So, to keep the status quo, people must get out and vote this June, and be sure to approve keeping the school budget referendum. It leaves the taxpayers with greater control than they have had for years.

George A. Fogg, North Yarmouth