The what aptitude test?


What do the letters S-A-T stand for? “Scholastic Aptitude Test”, said gym teacher Mr. Conn. “Standardized Aptitude Test?” questions senior Matt Nash. I looked all over the College Board web site, only to find that the answer was not there. The name is just one of the many questions several juniors have about the notorious test.

With all the pressure of college applications coming in the fall of next year, Juniors are panic-stricken and racing to buy SAT Preparation books at the local bookstore. Most students aren’t even aware that a lot of colleges don’t consider SAT scores, or that some don’t even require submission of scores with an application.

Many junior class teachers have incorporated some form of SAT preparatory question included with a lesson. For those who have Dorian as an English teacher, would know that she has timed writing prompts, where you get to write about the prompt for twenty minutes. And students of Mrs. Allen are aware that she does the same thing. “Oh I definitely do timed writing!”, she states when asked if she did anything to prepare her students for the SAT.

Its hard since the SAT test has been changed, so now what was an acceptable score then might be a lower score now. “It makes it hard to compare what I got to what my brother got,” says Kayla Foisy, a senior. The test score used to be out of 1600 before 2006, but they changed it so that the score is now out of 2400.

Not knowing what to expect causes a lot of frustrations for students because teachers stress the importance of great scores in order to get into decent colleges. Some movies depict the test as the final piece that will decide your status to the school in which you applied, such as The Perfect Score, an MTV film about students who get together and scheme to steal the answers to the test. Granted that the big test isn’t until the beginning of April, it doesn’t change the fact it’s going to be hard and that students are undeniably going to stress about it.

The only thing Mr. Baher had to say about when he took the SAT test was, “It was back in the dinosaur ages. We couldn’t use calculators or formulas, we had to know it all, and it was a waste of my Saturday morning! You’re luck you have it easier.” Some senior advice from Sam Stone? “I think the SATs are overrated because they can not give an accurate score of a person’s intelligence. Some people are just bad test-takers. Juniors, you can take them more than once and you’re more likely to bomb if you stress out so get some sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast.” In order to obtain your best score possible on the SAT, visit helpful sites such as:, for tips and study review!

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