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Over the last 16 years Dan and Brenda Cote have expanded their business at Aqua-Max of Maine, located at 914 Sabattus Street, Lewiston, with the addition of four staff members. Today, they continue to educate the public about water quality and its effects along with the importance of buying products and services from people who are certified in their trade by the Water Quality Association.


Cote said it is a great honor to be a member of WQA, an “international trade association representing the residential, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry.” Cote also sits as a Board Member for the Eastern Water Quality Association which serves the eastern part to the United States.

When making proper equipment comparisons, who would you depend on for the answers — a store employee/ tradesman with generic knowledge or a certified knowledgeable educator/salesperson who has passed WQA exams and has also been factory trained? In a typical big box store or hardware supply house you may not be able to find an employee with knowledge about water chemistry, or for that matter, proper sizing experience.

Cote noted that there’s a move for national certification to be required of all vendors of water quality products and he is hoping that certification does in fact catch on; this way, consumers will feel safer and will have more knowledge about their water chemistry and how the system actually works. “At Aqua-Max of Maine , being certified means we have the knowledge and experience to explain to the consumer the whys and hows of a system and why quality of a product is important. Quality and proper sizing will give you more buy for the buck,” Cote said, “don’t short change your options.”

At Aqua-Max of Maine, we are proud of Wayne Bates, our top educator/salesperson of the year for Hague Quality Water Products in the North East region which incorporates New Jersey, New York and the six New England States, said Cote. Bates follows the WQA industry code of ethics along with participating in the annual certification programs. Bates is proud to be a member of WQA; it makes his job easier to explain to the customer the importance of field testing and customizing options along with information on new innovative techniques.



Cheaper is not necessarily good or bad, but before, during, and after your water treatment purchase, ask yourself, “’Who can and will answer your questions professionally?’ Don’t be fooled; always get an independent lab test done and always, always ask for a full explanation of the results, what they actually mean in regards to health and the effects on your home plumbing and heating. I promise it will save you dollars,” said Cote.


Products constantly evolve and, said Cote, “We need to stay up-to-date with the current changes to our environment. You can rest assure that when you buy from Aqua-Max of Maine, you’re dealing with educated instructors/salespeople who will let you know what your options are even before you make a purchase.”

Aqua-Max of Maine can help you determine your living and working water needs. Cote said, “Not sure what the difference is between living and working water? Ask us at Aqua-Max of Maine. Want to know if your existing water treatment products are efficient or wasteful or part of the go green movement? Call us at Aqua-Max of Maine at 782-1005.”

In addition to certified water treatment products, Aqua-Max of Maine provides quality Water and Air Radon Mitigation Services. Reducing radon from your well or the air in your home is a job for a certified expert.

Cote explained, “Most people are not aware that a home in the city can also have radon issues in the air. Call A & L Laboratory for a radon test kit at 784-5354 or pick up a kit at Hotel Road, Auburn, Maine.” AquaMax staff are certified radon mitigators and are registered with the state of Maine radon department. The Aqua-Max team has been initially certified by the Rutgers University in New Jersey following the Maine state standards.


For those who like to do their own home repairs, Aqua-Max of Maine now offers a cash-and-carry showroom located at 914 Sabattus Street, Lewiston. The team is qualified to explain what equipment and installation procedures are needed to properly fix issues the right way. “We encourage people to bring in their water report for a full explanation of the results. The showroom has an area where we can test for some contaminants.” Cote added, “Bring in a water sample or obtain an A & L Laboratory kit at our showroom.”


The white mailboxes in front of the showroom have A & L Laboratory kits available for pick-up and drop off during business hours or after hours, which ever is more convenient for the customer. If a person wants an appointment for in-home testing, Aqua-Max of Maine will dispatch a person to the home for a free water analysis without any pressure to buy anything. “Aqua-Max of Maine staff carry an extensive portable lab when they are on the road so we can bring the lab to your home to test and treat your water on

site,” said Cote. The benefit of having your water tested on site, right in front of you, is that the visibility of the test procedure should alleviate any skepticism you may have about the integrity of the water test and actually see how well the recommended system would work by utilizing a miniature water treatment device at your own kitchen sink. Cote said, “As we used to say, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’”

An overview, whether you are treating water stains, odors or carcinogens such as arsenic, or water and air radon in your home, Aqua-Max of Maine can make resolving such issues less complicated with a visit to the showroom or call for an appointment and we will visit you.


The team at Aqua-Max of Maine can show you examples of untreated water along with its effects. Cote said, “As an example, most people don’t realize that simple water treatment can cut energy costs by 29% – that is huge. Water treatment can lower maintenance on heating elements and treated water will heat faster producing immediate hot water savings.”

Treated water means septic systems are not exposed to harmful detergents, and even results in huge savings on cleaning supplies. “Aqua-Max carries all natural biodegradable cleaning and personal soap products that can save up to a $1,000 dollars per year, for an average family of four,” said Cote, “and all of these products are manufactured with plant-based materials – totally hypo-allergenic concentrated soaps that don’t have any chemical preservatives and are ideal for new front loading washing machines.” Visit the showroom to see these products for yourself and get a full explanation of their benefits to you.

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