Art and Ale Gallery kicks off the New Year with nature paintings


AUBURN — Nature photography by Maine artist Laura Tasheiko will be on display in L/A Arts’ Art and Ale window at Gritty McDuff’s Brewpub and Restaurant, Auburn, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Tasheiko is a professionally trained artist with degrees in Studio Art and Art Education. She has taught K-12, as well as adult level students. She continues to create oil paintings and watercolors and sells her work to both private and corporate collections.

“My connection to nature in my rural environment, close to the sea and all I love, provide spiritual nourishment and creative inspiration that I share in my paintings. I hope you will enjoy them, too,” said Tasheiko.

For nine years, from 2001-2010, Tasheiko has been a Cyber-Artist, creating original works of art, marketing, and completing over 2,400 successful sales transactions through her website and various online art venues.