Ask candidates


I want to thank Maine people for their support of the MaineCare program and ask them to vote for candidates this year who continue to look for ways to improve the program.

I qualify for MaineCare in the category of people with disabilities. I have spina bifida and have specialized medical needs due to fragile health and complications. Although I am active in my community by serving on a number of boards such as the Auburn Housing Authority, Head Start, Pine Tree Legal Assistance, and my church, my health is too unstable to maintain permanent employment. Therefore, I volunteer as much as possible whenever I am able.

MaineCare has been essential in allowing me a good quality of life. It provides me with assistance technology and help from a personal care assistant. Without these, I would not be able to live independently.

I am grateful the MaineCare program exists. Without this program, many people with disabilities would have to go to institutions such as nursing homes at a much higher cost for fewer services in a very restrictive environment away from their families.

I encourage the public to ask candidates running for offices where they stand on MaineCare, and ask those running for re-election how they voted on these issues. Support those candidates who promote MaineCare and quality care in the community where we all live.

Alice M. Conway, Auburn