Asking the tough questions


Government should be fair, open, honest and accountable. It is our duty as citizens and taxpayers to ask the tough questions. It is not unreasonable to expect an honest and forthright answer in response to those tough questions from our elected officials.

Reading many of the letters to the editor in recent weeks concerning the interactions between the Auburn School Committee and United Citizens of Auburn, I continue to be astounded that so many taxpayers have a problem with questioning the actions of the school committee and holding them accountable.

Others have questioned why there is such a focus on the school committee and the school budget. I think you would find that attention is also being given to the city council and the city budget, however, given that the school budget is the significant portion of the city budget, attention to the school committee is more than appropriate.

Mistakes and missteps in conduct have been made by both groups. That is not, however, reason to stop asking questions and to stop seeking accountability.

I applaud the United Citizens of Auburn for becoming involved and asking the tough questions. It is not just about lowering taxes – it is about reducing waste and making sure the money we pay in taxes directly benefits the students. I would think we could all agree on that.

Matt Dubois, Auburn