Assisted Home Care: Fostering independence


Under most circumstances, the words “independent” and “assisted” have dissimilar, if not opposite, meanings. With an elderly population, however, “assistance” can mean “independence.” For our elderly loved ones, Assisted Home Care offers services that allow each to live independently, in their own home.

Although its offices are located and affiliated with Montello Heights, a gracious residential facility in Lewiston, the services that Assisted Home Care provides reach so much further. From Bath-Brunswick to Oxford County, Assisted Home Care offers in-home services to people who prefer to live at home, but need some assistance to do so.

Services offered by Assisted Home Care include personal care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, feeding assistance, medication reminders and laundry, as well as errands, companionship and respite service for other caregivers. In addition, Assisted Home Care can provide services ranging in length from a couple of hours to around-the-clock care.

Though supervised by a registered nurse, each of the 32 carefully chosen professionals employed by Assisted Home Care is fully certified as a nurses’ aide, medical technician, residential medication aide and/or a personal care assistant.

According to Nancy Merrill, administrator of Assisted Home Care, one of the most important aspects of in-home care is caregiver continuity. Merrill explained that the elderly are often wary of allowing a stranger into their home and resistant to accepting assistance. Therefore, “it is important to keep the same personnel in the home.”

Although some individuals are assisted on a long-term basis, some require services for short periods of time; perhaps as a respite for family members who provide care on a regular basis or for the “Snowbirds” amongst us who split their time between the northeast and warmer climates. Families whose loved one has come for a visit or has just been discharged from a hospital or other facility may also need temporary assistance and would do well to consider Assisted Home Care as a comfortable way to provide care.

Assisted Home Care has served our communities for 13 years. According to Merrill, 10 of her caregivers have been with Assisted Home Care since its inception. With such longevity, Assisted Home Care considers itself family, and this attitude of friendship and support transfers well to the individuals and families they serve.

After so much time spent living and working in our community, Merrill and others at Assisted Home Care are familiar with the many community resources that are available to the elderly and can help with necessities such as heat, food and transportation. Working in harmony with other agencies, they are able to foster the development of support systems for their clientele.

Assisted Home Care is able to respond quickly when called upon, and there are caregivers available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by calling 212-6736. When circumstances are less urgent, referrals can be made and services initiated by calling 783-7375. Assisted Home Care is happy to come to you.

For information regarding employment opportunities at Assisted Home Care, please send your resume and cover letter to Assisted Home Care at 550 College Street, Lewiston, ME 04243.

Continuity, comfort, community, friendship, support and quick response times are important and realistic ideals. Per Merrill, Assisted Home Care is truly “a family helping other families.”