Man accused of beating 10-year-old stepdaughter to death is assaulted in jail

Julio Carrillo, 51, of Stockton Springs arrives for a bail hearing Feb. 28 at Waldo County Superior Court. Charged in the beating death of his stepdaughter, Carrillo’s bail was set at $500,000. (David Leaming/Morning Sentinel)

Julio Carrillo, the 51-year-old Stockton Springs man accused of beating his 10-year-old step daughter for several months until she died Feb. 25, was himself assaulted in jail, police said.

Carrillo was assaulted March 3 inside Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset, where is being held in the facility’s maximum security unit, said Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett and Lincoln County Det. Ron Rollins.

A fellow inmate, Paul Andrews, 34, is charged with the assault.

Rollins refused to say how the two men came into contact, but no weapons were involved.

Andrews was charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and terrorizing, and is expected to be arraigned in Wiscasset District Court on Wednesday, Brackett said.

Rollins said Julio Carrillo was transported to Mid Coast Hospital for treatment of minor injuries and has been returned to the jail.

Julio Carrillo and his wife, Sharon Carrillo, 33, were charged with depraved indifference murder after Marissa Kennedy was found dead in the Stockton Springs condominium where they were living. Julio Carrillo was Marissa’s stepfather. The Carrillos also had two younger children who are now in state care.

Each face up to 25 years to life in prison if they are convicted of the charge, which is defined, in part, as showing a depraved indifference to the value of human life and that causes the death of another human being.

Marissa was brutally beaten at least once a day by the adults since October, police allege, until she succumbed to the abuse Feb. 25, when the Carrillos found her unresponsive and tried to stage her death as if it was an accident.

The couple’s two other children, age 1 and 2, were placed in protective custody by the Department of Health and Human Services following the Carrillos arrest.

Sharon Carrillo is seven months pregnant with the couple’s third child together.

Both Julio and Sharon Carrillo are being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

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  1. BOO HOO, shes getting what she deserves only much worse,let her out of protective custody and let them at her,she won’t last a week.

    • We wouldn’t want due process or anything would we? I guess innocent until proven guilty only applies to people like you right?.

      • It is clear it would take only 10 min of jury deliberations to convict them 5min to seat 3 min to vote and 2 min to inform of their decision. I don’t even think his/her lawyer will even deny the beatings that’s a given but will likely go for insanity or injured party either way personally I think these are poster persons for reinstating the death penalty and under Maine’s preferred method hanging.

        • If they are proven guilty, yes, but until that time they should get the same treatment you would get should you be accused of a crime. Or are you suggesting mob rule/justice?

      • INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!???? When you confess it is a pretty good chance YOU ARE GUILTY!

  2. David, it’s people like you that allow abusers to walk the streets and do it over and over again. I guess you were never abused…LUCKY YOU!!!! I’m with Fred, the B-TCH should get the same treatment, or death penalty. Don’t want my tax dollars paying to give her free room and board, showers and 3 square meals.

    • You don’t want you taxes to pay for her room and board, but you want her to get the death penalty. You do realize that the death penalty is much, much more expensive than life in prison, don’t you?

  3. David, what on earth did this ten year old do that was so bad it warranted being beaten daily for over four months?? I agree with Linda but I would also add the stepfather also deserves the same treatment not just the mother. Didn’t you see him in the court video? First he was closing his eyes pretending to cry then he’d open them and peak around to see if anyone was looking at him and do it again. He was faking. When she has that baby IN JAIL it should be taken away, fast. Don’t let her hold it or even see it. As to the guy who beat him up in jail, well, I’ve always heard people in jail don’t like child abusers. Seems to me he was just letting Julio know his opinion, he shouldn’t have to be sentenced to anything for that.

  4. David: How can you stand up for such animals. Apparently you missed the admission article
    While they initially denied harming the girl, the couple confessed to the beatings during police interviews, according to court documents. They also described how they staged a scene inside their Stockton Springs condo to make it appear as though Marissa’s death was the result of an accident, according to the documents.

    They described how they forced her to kneel on a tile floor and hold her hands above her head while they whipped her between 10 and 15 times with a leather belt or hit her with their hands. The parents said they chose the tile of the kitchen floor, rather than a carpeted or wooden surface, so it would hurt more.

    In one instance, Julio Carrillo broke a metal mop handle across Marissa’s ribs, the couple told police.

    Sometimes the parents would lock Marissa in a darkened closet for extended periods. The girl screamed the whole time she was being punished, Sharon Carrillo said, according to the filing.

    The beatings continued from about October until Thursday or Friday, when Marissa could no longer walk or speak without slurring her words, police said.

    Julio Carrillo told investigators that although he stopped beating Marissa at this time, he believed that his wife inflicted at least one more punishment because she believed the girl was faking her injuries.

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