ATV crash kills teen


GREENWOOD – Sixteen-year-old Monique Jean Pelletier of Greenwood was killed Wednesday when the ATV she was a passenger on missed a wooden bridge over a small brook, went airborne, struck a tree and crashed on the other side.

Pelletier and the driver of the ATV, Joseph Foley, 15, of Methuen, Mass., were wearing helmets, police said.

Near the scene, just off Route 35, two state troopers and two Bethel patrolmen prevented family members and others from walking down the privately maintained road to view the accident.

Family members grieved in the middle of Rabbit Lane Wednesday afternoon while Bethel Rescue medics tended to the boy, who appeared to be in shock and was laying in the middle of the road. He got up, walked around, then collapsed again. He was helped into the ambulance, which remained at the scene beside a state police cruiser that effectively blocked traffic.