Auburn building permits


AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in March and April:

Dan Wyman, 510 Merrow Road, construct 28-by-42-foot single-family structure with detached 28-by-28-foot garage, $200,000.

Ryan Metivier, 860 South Witham Road, demolition of 25-by-30-foot residential garage, $2,000.

Anthony Dubois, 40 Beech St., construct 19-by-24-foot deck, $5,000.

Jason Carrier/Mark Turner, 147 Bennet Ave., install 26-by-42-foot single-family modular home as proposed, $200,000.

Romeo and Marie Blouin, 3010 Hotel Road, construct 24-by-30-foot, two-story addition, $75,000.

Constance Whitmore, 11 Alpha St, demolish a single-family dwelling, $5,000.

Scott Cristina, 124 Fairway Drive, construct living space (family room) above existing garage, $14,000.

Don Malpass, 560 Perkins Ridge Road, construct playroom/office in existing space above garage, $5,000.

Kurvin, LLC, 15 Pinnacle Drive, construct single-family residence with attached garage as proposed, $200,000.

Mark Samson, 34 Musket Drive, 12-by-18-foot shed, $5,000.

Kry Inc., 606 Poland Road, install doublewide manufactured home on slab, $65,000.

Michael Theberge, 141 Fairview Ave, rehab of existing house/single family use only, $100,000.

Future Capital Group, LLC, 18 Brann Ave., install 28-by-44-foot doublewide residence, price unknown.

John McBane, 1 Button Bush Lane, enclose existing deck as proposed, $12,000.

Donald Doyle Sr., 72 Turkey Lane, constructing an 8-by-10-foot addition to existing barn, price unknown.

Gerry Caron, 121 East Bates St., demo existing attached residential garage, $5,000.

Andrew and Cynthia Matthews, 44 Cedarwood Road, demolish existing connector and garage and rebuild with 22-by-34-foot garage (two story), $50,000.

Charles Bartlett, 337 Holbrook Road, renovation of existing home, $175,000.

Fletcher Properties, 155 Bennett Ave., demolition of 20-by-15-foot (300 square foot) garage, $900.

Robert Lussier Jr., 26 Enfield St., construct 12-by-27-foot plus 7-by-7-foot deck attached to single-family home, $1,500.

Kim McGovern, 961 Riverside Drive, replace rotted materials of front porch area, $2,500.

Gerald Haynes, 37 Rafnell St., construct 28-by-30-foot attached garage with attic trusses, $15,000.

Frances Ebert, 364 Turner St., construct 8-by-8-foot deck/steps railings as proposed, $300.

Goff Hill Corp., 271-273 Court St., alter porch railings to meet building code, $1,000.

John M. Bishop, 66 Northern Ave., move existing mobile home on property, $1,000.

Kenneth Sonagere, 367 Stevens Mills Road, construct 27-by-6-by-50-foot modular ranch single family home with 12-by-12-foot deck in back, $75,000.

Gerry Caron, 121 East Bates St., construct residential garage and breezeway as proposed, $25,000.

Kevin St. Pierre, 76 Monroe St., construct two-story breezeway and attached garage, $50,000.

Jill Brown, 2578 Hotel Road, construct third apartment unit in existing space, $5,000.

Auburn Crossing LLC, 792 Kittyhawk Ave., construct new single-story commercial structure as proposed by plan, $4,000,000.

James Rodway, 32 Riverside Drive, add partitions in garage area, replace girders under roof rafters/prep for auto repair shop, $40,000.

Steven Cheng, 386 Minot Ave., install interior partitions, and handicap accessible ramps as proposed by plan, $4,000.

Tim Goss/Premier Landscaping, 1300 Minot Ave., construct 24-by-30-foot commercial garage as proposed and accepted by planning board, $30,000.

Dan Boutin, 120 Center St., renovation of existing space for physical therapy provider, $17,000.

American Holdings, 66 Main St., Alterations to existing commercial space to create office space, $40,000.

Tim Goss, 1300 Minot Ave., construct landing and staircase to commercial storage structure, $1,000.

Tambrands, 2879 Hotel Road, moving door in stairway, $1,200.

Gary Crook, 2925 Turner Road, create 16-by-24-foot hayloft as proposed by plan, $2,000.

Gary Boilard, 50 Granite St., construct two-story with attached one car garage on frost wall, $120,000.

Maine Source Homes LLC, 24 Outlook Drive, construct new 28-by-48-foot colonial modular with attached 26-by-26-foot garage, no decks, $175,000.

Jacqueline Bernier, 72 Fern St., construct 8-by-12-foot deck, $700.

David Abisalih, 34 Dillingham Hill Road, perform alterations to kitchen area as proposed by plan, $35,000.

Frank Ramich Jr., 38 Loring Ave., install inground pool, $16,000.

Paul Caron, 204 West Bowdoin St., construct 16-by-32-foot two-story shed with gambrel roof, $18,000.

Diane Bear, 277 Stevens Mill Road, construct 8-by-16-foot enclosed deck as proposed, $3,000.

Robert and Helen Foss, 2175 Riverside Drive, construct 30-by-32-foot two-story addition to existing structure, $40,000.

Craig Norcross, 118 Orchard St., install 32-by-16-inground swimming pool.

Tim and Sue Gatto, 83 East Hardscrabble Road, construct two-story single family home with attached garage and 10-by-15-foot deck, $290,000.

Cynthia Ayotte, 43 Marion, construct two-story attached garage 30-by-42-foot storage only on second floor, $29,000.

Frank Motram, 11 Hildreth St., install 18-foot above ground pool as proposed, $1,800.

Richard Whitling, 2 Beaver Road, construct 16-by-24-foot utility shed, $20,000.

Rob Labarbera, 10 Willow St., construct second egress for second floor apartment, $1,000.

Mark Coursey, 45 Coachman Ave., construct 10-by-15-foot deck as proposed, $2,494.

Nu Realty, 26 Eagle View Drive, construct 16-by-28-foot addition as proposed, $50,000.

Auburn Residential Development Corp., 60 Seventh St., demolition of existing porch, $2,900.

Ruby Guimond, demolition of 980-square-foot building, $4,600.

John Bishop, 66 Northern Ave., set moved house on new foundation, $105,000.

Brian Ritchie, 342 North River Road, construct 12-by-12-foot deck as proposed, 43,000.

Ron and Clair Morris, 704 Danville Corner Road, construct 16-by-20-foot deck, $4,000.

Jeffrey Lapointe, 261 Broad St., construct attached one story 15-by-25-foot garage on frost wall, $10,000.

Ryan Metivier and Tom Rich, 3064 Hotel Road, rehab of existing structure, construct 12-by-12-foot addition and 8-by-28-foot deck, $20,000.

Paul Harmon, 1481 Riverside Drive, construct 12-by-14-foot deck, $1,500.

Harold Hersey, 374 Court St., construct 10-by-12-foot deck, $2,000.

Rexford Smith, 10 Hickory Drive, convert existing barn to living space and construct 14-by-34-foot single story addition, $95,000.

Troy Hulit, 10 Linden St., demolition of 8-by-10-foot deck, $200.

William Buzza, 270 Park Ave., construct 16-by-18-foot deck, $2,000.

St. Laurent and Son, Inc., 43 Simpsons Beach Road, demolish 30-by-30-foot single family home, 43,000.

Scott and Lisa Pray, 839 Pownal Road, construct single family home with attached 28-by-36-foot two story garage, $175,000.

Archie Morrissette, 46 High St., replace existing staircases, 41,500.

Cingular Wireless, 34 Mine Road, co-location on tower with equipment building, $28,500.

Robert and Helen Foss, 2175 Riverside Drive, construct 175-by-60-foot manufactured building as proposed by plan, $100,000.

Tambrands, 2879 Hotel Road, renovation of existing TEI conference room, $57,000.

Tambrands, 2879 Hotel Road, install roll up truck dock door and new opening, $74,500.