Auburn council joins group concerned about County Commission pay


AUBURN — Councilors added their names to the list of elected officials concerned about the Androscoggin County commissioners’ pay increase.

Councilors agreed to have Mayor Jonathan LaBonte and acting City Manager Howard Kroll draft a letter to the commissioners.

“It has played out in the paper in a couple of news stories,” LaBonte said.

The commission voted last month to reinstate a portion of their salary after cuts favored by the county Budget Committee.

Budget Committee members had voted to cut commissioners’ annual salaries from $7,200 per commissioner to $3,000. The committee also did away with health insurance coverage for commissioners and their families.

Commissioners voted in November to restore $2,000 of their individual base pay — upping their salary to $5,000 — and to fund individual health and dental coverage for commissioners worth about $8,400 per commissioner.


Members of the Budget Committee have asked Maine’s attorney general to intervene.

So far, 10 of Androscoggin County’s 14 municipalities have either come out against the commissioners’ pay changes or have agreed to discuss it. Lewiston city councilors are scheduled to discuss it at their meeting Tuesday.

“I’m more than delighted to move to make that action,” Councilor Tizz Crowley said.

Councilors agreed, but did not discuss the matter.

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