Auburn library seeks to restock


AUBURN – Opening a new $7 million library was just the start, according to library backers.

Director Rosemary Waltos said the newly renovated Auburn Public Library needs to devote some money to new books, magazines and audio-video supplies.

“Beginning in about 2002, we started to chip away at our budget for new library materials,” Waltos said. They reduced that budget from $115,000 to $73,000 and have increased it little since then.

“This year, we’re hoping to increase that by $6,000,” she told city councilors.

The library reopened last week in its refurbished 30,000 -square-foot space.

The proposed library budget calls for $1.03 million in spending, a $69,259 increase to the budget councilors approved for the library a year ago.

Backers are also aiming to increase donations, fines and other revenue for the library by 71.5 percent. Waltos said the goal is to bring in $144,639 in other revenues.

That would trim the city’s share of the budget to $885,623, a $47,666 increase compared to last year.

The new budget includes $22,000 in more spending for salaries and $38,000 in new spending for maintenance and repair at the Spring Street library.

The city hopes to save about $21,000 by not having to rent space in the Auburn Mall, Waltos said.