Auburn PD values volunteers


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I saw an SUV in Auburn that said Citizen Volunteers, Auburn Police. It looked very official, and I was wondering what it is about. Thank you. — Gail Bennett, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots got an answer to this question from Liz Allen, who is the volunteer coordinator for the Auburn police:

“The Auburn Police Department has a thriving volunteer program — from our in-house administrative volunteers, who help answer the phones and do some filing, shredding and data entry — to our Citizen Patrol members, who go out into the community on ‘patrol’ in their very own marked vehicle.

“These wonderful community volunteers receive special training and assist our officers in countless ways. They handle all of our vacant house checks; they help with traffic control at accident scenes and community events; they do some handicapped parking enforcement; they even collect speed data, serve subpoenas and so much more.

“According to Chief Phil Crowell, ‘These folks are a “force multiplier” for us, and we appreciate everything they do to support our agency.’

“Anyone interested in applying for the Auburn Police Department volunteer program, including the Citizen Patrol, should visit and download the volunteer application. Apps are also available at the Auburn Police Department, 60 Court St.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We could not do it without Sun Spots. Thanks for all your help with questions.

I live off Route 4 in Auburn. They have just finished adding a turning lane for Lake Auburn and Roy’s .When they were working. a sign said “Speed 45 MPH Men Working,” but they are finished and still the sign is there.

Is the speed staying at 45 mph or going back to 55 mph like in the past? Again, thank you for your help. — No Name via email

ANSWER: Liz, who wears many hats at the APD, also answered this question:

“The 45 MPH speed sign is temporary. The contractors still have one more coat of paint for the lines and then everything relating to speed will return to normal.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: When are they going to put up the guardrails on Route 136 from Durham to Freeport? The barrels they have there just don’t cut it. It’s quite a way down into the river and with winter coming this needs to be done ASAP. Thanks. — Claudette Roy, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots emailed John Cannell, Region 1 manager for the Maine Department of Transportation. He responded, almost immediately, that:

“I just spoke with our project manager, and he has let me know that they are currently completing paving and as soon as the paving is complete the guardrail installation will be started. Guardrail should be installed by the end of the month.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you so much for printing my comments about A1 Used Appliances. You printed the 800 number from the Internet. They can also be reached at 207-241-0270.

Also, I would like to walk with someone on the trail in Lisbon, take people to lunch or doctor, shopping trips, or do babysitting. Thanks. — No Name, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: You did not specify if you were offering to help people for free or wanted to be paid. If you are offering your services for free, please write back.

If you want to be paid, you will have to find another way to advertise. You might take an ad out in the classifieds or on Craigslist. Call 207-783-2281 or 800-482-0935 to place an ad in the Sun Journal.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If you have any old musical instruments sitting around gathering dust, the Auburn United Methodist Church would love to have you donate them. The church’s Music Committee plans to make them available to any youth or community members interested in learning how to play.

Musical instrument donations may be dropped off at the church office at 439 Park Ave. in Auburn or call the church at 207-782-3972. — George Mathews, [email protected]

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