Auburn Rec men’s basketball


Auburn Recreation Department

AUBURN —   Weekly results from men’s league basketball.

Sunday, Jan 13

Fastbreak League

Lewiston Pawn Shop 60, Crew 55

Mark Flavin led Lewiston Pawn with 22 points in the five point victory over Crew. Rory Dupuis had 20 for Crew.

Shooters 74, Ross Hogs 40

Shooters high scorer was Craig Milledge who had 20 points in the 34 point victory over Ross Hogs. Travis Barnies had 14 points for Ross Hogs.

KC Auto 81, Irish Twins Pub 47

Brandon Kyajhonian paced KC Auto with 16 points in the 81-47 victory over Irish Twin Pub. Domingue Bailey had 14 points in the losing effort.

Slowdown A

Monday, Jan. 14

Graphic Explosion 70, Rick’s Pool 51

Shawn Cloutier’s 20 points led all Graphic Explosion scorers in the 70-51 victory. Marvin Langley had 19 points for Rick Pool’s.

Discount Dave’s 59 Pikes Industries 50

Dave Madore dropped in 17 points as Discount Dave’s earned a nine point victory over Pikes Industries. Drew Harris notched 12 points in the loss.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

LA Orphans 57 Lewiston Pawn Shop 55

Chris Baillargeon 16 points led the LA Orphans to the two point victory. John Wallingford had a game-high 25 points for Lewiston Pawn.

Brunswick Steel 64 Shooters 56

Dan Coleman 16 points gave Brunswick Steel the 64-56 victory. Justin Perron led all scorers in the game with 30 points for the Shooters.

Slow Down B

Wednesday, Jan. 16

Rack-Em-Up 44 Gippers/Maine Family 36

Joel Marchand had ten points to lead Rack-Em-Up to the eight point victory. Travys Fecteau dropped in 14 points for Gippers/Maine Family.

Pontes Marine 44 Benchwarmers 43

Justin Richardson dropped in 19 points for Pontes Marine for a one point victory over the Benchwarmers. Heath Cracker had 16 points for the Benchwarmers.