Auburn Rec Pitch, Hit and Run results


AUBURN – Auburn Parks & Recreation Department held its local Pitch, Hit and Run baseball competition Saturday at Pettengill Park.

Boys and girls ages 7 to 14 competed in the event. Contestants had the opportunity to pitch six balls to a strike zone 45 feet away, run 160 feet for time and hit three balls off a tee for distance and accuracy. The winners in each event were awarded first-place ribbons, and an overall winner in each age category was crowned.

Winners advance to the Sectional competition in Bangor on May 27 at 1 p.m. Sectional all-around champions become eligible for the team championship to be held at Fenway Park in Boston.

Results were as followws:

Age 7-8: Overall champion, Calli Murray, Auburn, 496 points. Pitch champ, Murray, 225. Hit, Danica Nadeau, Auburn, 162. Run, Murray, 147.

Age 9-10: Overall, Corey Cunliffe, Minot, 628. Pitch (tie), Cunliffe and Brandon Dubuc, Auburn, 225. Hit, Brian Crane, Auburn. 244. Run, Shawn Mitchell, Minot, 205.

Age 13-14: Overall, Alex Brochu, Lewiston, 883. Pitch, Brochu, 50. Hit, Brochu, 496. Run, Brochu, 337.