Auburn, rethink recycling


It is a shame that the city of Auburn is planning to stop collecting recyclables at curbside beginning July 1.

I understand that major cuts are necessary to achieve a balanced budget but, in light of the nationwide emphasis on the importance of recycling that has been going on for years ago, this seems to be a major step backward for our city.

Once a program like this is stopped, it is unlikely that it will be restarted any time soon.

Will it cost less for this service in 2011 than it does now? Unlikely. Will Auburn have more money to spread around next year than it does today? Again, unlikely.

Why not cut back on the frequency of collections rather than eliminate them altogether? Perhaps collecting every other week, or even once a month, would be a possibility. That, along with a major campaign to educate people about the importance of recycling could have the effect of increasing the volume of materials recycled. Some sort of incentive program to reward households that do recycle might be an option as well.

I wonder if the possibility of combining services with some of our smaller neighboring towns has been explored. That might lead to a welcome win-win situation all around.

I realize that the whole business of keeping our city solvent without having huge tax increases is daunting, but I do hope that every avenue will be explored before this important service goes the way of the dinosaur.

June Spear, Auburn