Auburn reval still pending


AUBURN – A final tally of the city’s property value is still weeks away, according Tax Assessor Cheryl Dubois.

Auburn assessors are working to finish an inventory of business equipment, Dubois said. That inventory will determine Auburn’s personal property valuation, a significant portion of the city’s overall property valuation. Last year, it accounted for 18 percent of city’s tax base.

She also continues to meet with residential property owners to discuss their property evaluations.

“We’ve done so much more than is typical, meeting with taxpayers,” Dubois said. “The way Auburn has done this, sending the revaluation out early and then continuing to meet, I think the city has really bent over backwards.”

The city has been working on the valuation since 2002. It released preliminary numbers in October, showing values rising citywide from $1.2 billion to $1.8 billion. The city uses that valuation to figure property taxes.

The city’s October notice announcing the revaluation also included a tax bill calculation, which showed taxes on some properties doubling or tripling. That led to a citywide tax revolt.

The valuation should be done in June, about the time the City Council is voting on the city budget for the 2006-07 fiscal year.

Assessors are also gearing up for an audit of the revaluation. Auditors from the International Association of Assessing Officers will be in Auburn later in May to review the property valuation. They’re scheduled to report their findings to the City Council in June.